5 Ways Your Blog Can Take You From Hobby to Profit

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Blogging has seriously changed the game when it comes to media and the digital space. This year alone the number of blogs on the internet has surpassed well over 227 MILLION. That’s major. The internet has provided a space where virtually anyone with a wifi connection, a dream, resilience and hard work can make their dreams manifest. That’s exactly what my blog did for me. I went from hobby blogging to making real money with my little space on the web and there’s no reason you can’t too. It just takes the right tools and the knowledge of how to use them.

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1. Your Blog is Your Portfolio

When I first started blogging I didn’t have any experience as a writer. What I had was a passion for beauty and a way with words. I had big dreams of writing for a mainstream magazine, but I couldn’t get my foot in the door without any previous experience. So I started blogging. The more content I created the better I got and the more work I had to reference. When I started freelance writing, I had this super organized, well designed portfolio that attracted the exact clients I was looking to work for. My blog. It was only a matter of time before a popular post I wrote for my site, landed me my first paid contribution to a magazine.

The goal is to treat your blog like it is the very best showcase of your experience and what you have to offer. It’s more than just a place to let your feelings loose and show off your new pair of shoes. It could be the very thing that lands you your dream job or client!

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2. Become an Expert in Your Industry  The ever constant need to create fresh content with a blog is both a gift and a curse. The reality is, if you’re ever going to obtain real success, attract readers, and show up on a Google search, you have to consistently post new content. The great thing about this is, in order to continuously write fresh, knowledgeable posts, you have to be continuously learning and growing as well. Attending conferences, taking ecourses, and networking are all the tools you can use to learn about your industry and ultimately blog more. The more you know, the more you grow right? Eventually you will become known for your work in your industry and your expertise can provide a number of ways to make money. I’ve done consulting with brands because of my expertise in beauty, been invited to speak on panels about being a blogger, and asked to contribute to mainstream publications all because I’ve established myself as an expert through my blog.  


3. Use Your Influence to Monetize Your Blog

The most straight forward way to start making money from your blog is to find a way to monetize it. As you grow your blog and expand your reach, you can establish a trusted relationship with your readers. The trick is to explore options that fit with your brand and don’t come across as forced or fake. Readers love authenticity and there’s no reason monetizing your site should interfere with that. Figuring out the best route to take can be tricky so if you’re a monetizing novice start out simple.

a) Banner and Side bar Ads: Regardless of how much traffic you have coming to your site, you have nothing to lose with displaying ad’s on your site. If you have a specific niche—ahem which you totally should—you can reach out to brands and companies that align with your audience to offer ad space on your site. I’ve found this is the best way to provide the best value for both you and the advertiser.

b) Affiliate Links: Affiliate links are the most organic way to incorporate monetizing efforts into your site. Beauty and Fashion blogs can make some serious cash using affiliate links in their styling posts. You’re wearing and blogging about your outfit and make-up anyway, why not earn money at the same time?

4. Turn Your Popular Posts into Digital Offerings

I’m a huge advocate on taking time to figure out what brings people to your blog and working on providing more of what they want. One of the best ways to do that is by expanding on some of your most popular posts or topics and creating digital offerings. For example, remember that fabulous post you wrote about your capsule wardrobe that got a lot of attention? Maybe you could create an eguide on how your readers can create their own. Or possibly create a worksheet to help them get started. The idea behind digital offerings as a blogger, even if you aren’t selling them and offering them as freebies, is that it helps with all the other aspects mentioned here. It helps to establish you as an expert and draws readers in, thereby expanding your influence. Both of which can help you earn money.

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5. Create Your Own Lane

Finally, the best thing about having a blog is it’s YOUR blog and you can create the opportunities as you see fit. If there’s something you wish was available, yet you can’t seem to find it, create it. If you want that coveted gig writing but you don’t have the experience, start writing about it on your blog and gain the experience. Take advantage of the fact that you make the rules and the possibilities are endless!

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Tyshia Ingram is a beauty and lifestyle blogger, freelance writer, and mompreneur. Her passion for pretty and purpose to empower women of color led her to create This Brown Queen, a blog celebrating brown girls in beauty, style, and life. She lends her brown beauty expertise as a contributing writer to multiple industry websites and publications. When she’s not blogging, she’s building a select freelance clientele offering various digital media services to beauty and lifestyle brands. Catch her chasing dreams and writing from the heart in lipstick and pumps at thisbrownqueen.com.

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