6 Ideas For Styling Your Old Tunics And Hijabs

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6 Ideas For Styling Your Old Tunics And Hijabs

A tunic is a classic, timeless fashion article perfect for any wardrobe. Not only are they usually cheap and affordable, they also offer a chic look that’s comfortable and easy to wear.

Even better than this, they can suit any occasion or season. That being said, it’s very easy to get tired of wearing your older tunics over and over again. Fortunately, tunics are also great at being reworked into new outfits with a few easy tricks.

1 – Combine With a Belt

A stylish belt can do many things, especially with loose articles such as long tunics. This accessory will give your tunics a greater dressy look. It also works wonders for girls who are heavier below the waist, as the belt adds focus to the waistline, giving your hips a smaller, slimmer appearance.

2 – Adding Layers

Layering is always a quick way to transform your tunics and this helps give your summer clothes more life after the warmer season. Try combining your tunic with jackets and sweaters, as well as a scarf from your Winter or Fall wardrobe. Don’t be afraid to experiment – with a little creativity, you can create some fantastic and stylish color combinations.

As it gets colder, you can start layering underneath your tunic as well. A turtleneck is a perfect example of something that looks great and will keep you warm. If you are used to wearing a long abaya, you can effortlessly layer on top with front open type tunics – the end result is very sophisticated and still preserves your modesty. For some additional “wow” factor, wear a headscarf and tunic in matching colors to complete the ensemble.

3 – Add Accessories

Accessorizing is always a great way to add a personal touch and emphasis your unique style. When it comes to styling up your tunic, a necklace always makes a clear statement, transforming your neckline. This can be worn with a matching jacket, handbag or scarf.

You can further style up your tunic with additional accessories – especially shoes! If you want something for formal, or even semi-formal occasions, gladiator heels add that extra sophisticated touch. On the other hand, if you want something more minimalist, loafers are your best friend.

If you choose the right extra touches, you can also create a chic boho look. Better yet, if you’re feeling brave, you can completely transform your old tunics by upcycling them and adding fringes along your tunic’s base. The end result oozes with bohemian aesthetics.

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4 – The Classic Casual Look

Some styles are classic for a reason. The simple, yet elegant, combination of tunics and jeans is always a safe bet. This really works on those days when you just want to be comfortable and don’t want to dress up, yet still want to retain your style. Combine this with a messy hair bun and you’ll have an ensemble that functional and practical.

5 – Use Your Tunics To Add Modesty

Tunics are great for remaining modest in a variety of situations, such as at the beach. Use your larger, over-sized tunics to cover up your swimsuit. This works best with cotton items, as they are quick to dry, making them much more practical. As an alternative, you can also pair tunics and skirts, which really suits the spring season as well.

To enhance this aesthetic, pair a plain skirt with a floral tune – this can also be reversed. When it comes to the skirt, you can pair practically any type of skirt with a tunic, whether it’s a pencil, mini or even flared skirt. Don’t be afraid to try these combinations out and discover a fresh new look.

6 – Style Your Tunic with a Hijab

There are many hijab styles that work well with tunics but turban and infinity hijabs definitely top the list. One great look that is worth trying is to wear a floral or printed tunic, layer it with a solid coloured blazer or cardigan and then wear a plain hijab that matches the colour of the layer you chose.

Tunics are the perfect choice to pair with hijab for a modest look because they come in a range of modest yet flattering styles and shapes. Moreover, when you’re wearing your tunic with jeans, you can pretty much wear any of your hijabs so you won’t really have to invest into new hijabs to complement the tunic.

If there’s one thing you should take away from these tips, it’s just how versatile and adaptive a tunic can be. They are also easy to wear and incredibly flattering, so every stylish Muslima should have a few go-to tunics at her disposal. Hopefully these tips will let you confidently wear your tunics to their fullest potential. Happy wearing!

Sarah is a hijabista and a fashion consultant at Modanisa who is passionate about the modest fashion scene. Apart from keeping up with the latest hijab trends, she is also very keen on living a sustainable lifestyle, and always promotes eco-friendly choices such as repurposing or styling up old clothes for a fresh chic look. In her spare time, she likes to cook, go on bike trips with her family or simply bury her nose in good books.

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