3 ways to add color into your home decor

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Spring is here and now is the perfect time to add color into your home decor! We are kicking off a new TrendiTips video series with some easy tips and tricks on ways to add color around your home, without spending much money or time. Adding color to your home is the perfect way to bring some life to your interior design, and we’re breaking down some of our favorite ways to easily add color to any space.

Here are my 3 tips:

1. Colorful Throw Pillows

Adding a few colorful throw pillows to your couch, chairs or bed is one of the most effective ways to add color to any space! Simply pick up some colorful throw pillows at any home decor store, or switch out your current pillow covers with some colorful alternatives. Switching up your throw pillows can completely change the look of your furniture, and will add tons of color to any room!

2. Fresh flowers

One of the easiest ways to bring some life to your home is by adding fresh flowers! Flowers are the epitome of spring, and a colorful bouquet can add a bit of cheer to any space. Check out the video for our favorite trick to make your blooms last even longer!

3. Home Decor Items

By taking home decor items that you already own and accentuating the color, you can easily make any space seem more colorful! An easy example is taking books from your home, and arranging by color to create a beautiful rainbow effect on your bookshelf. Similarly, you can switch out any wall art with some colorful prints to add some life to your walls. Lastly, pick up functional decor pieces in brighter colors to easily add color into any room.

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