6 Must-Read Beauty Tips For Brides

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Every bride wants to look her most radiant and beautiful on her wedding day. To make sure you get every detail right, you need to plan your beautifying agenda in advance. What follows is a timeline of beauty tips for brides.

60 Days Before: Prepare Your Body

Start with the goals that need more time. For example, if you want to lose a few pounds, now is time to go to a nutritionist to review your diet—just make sure to have your dress altered one last time after you reach out goal weight. Or, if you’d like a more sparkling smile, visit your dentist to check your teeth and, if necessary, receive a dental whitening service.


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30 Days Before: Hair and Make-up Practice Run

By now you should already have your dress and accessories picked out. Make an appointment with a professional hairdresser and a make-up artist. Show them what you’ll wear and explain what you’d like your hair and make-up to look like on your wedding day. If necessary, do more than one practice on both hair and make-up to make sure you can achieve exactly what you want. Also, decide if your hair and/or make-up artist should travel to your venue on the day of your wedding to perform the services or if you need to go to their salon.


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15 Days Before: Get a Facial

If you’re planning a facial, don’t wait until the last minute; your skin may react poorly and you don’t want your skin to look red and irritated on your wedding day.


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One Week Before: Hair Treatments, Body Waxing and More

1. If you intend to color or highlight your hair, have it done one week before your wedding and include a hydration treatment. It is best not to completely change your look at this time—only get a root touch up. If you find that your hair looks drastically different, consult your wedding-day hair stylist to see if you’ll need to adjust your hair style.

2. Have unwanted body hair removed one week beforehand to allow time for irritation to clear.

3. Start using a pharmacy-grade antiperspirant to prevent sweating on the big day.

4. Have you thought about eyelash extensions? They will make your eyes pop on your big day, and you won’t have to worry about mascara on your honeymoon! Now is the time to try them.


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One Day Before: Mani-Pedis and Massage

This is the day for manicures and pedicures, using top-quality enamel. And if you can, there’s nothing better than a good body massage to combat nerves.


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The Big Day 

All that’s left now is to put your trust in your make-up artist and hairdresser and try to relax and enjoy your day! Congratulations!

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