Becoming an Event Manager: No experience is not a problem

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So you’re planning on becoming an event manager but have no experience? Well… let me tell you something: that’s not really a problem! Yes, it’s true. In this particular industry, event organizing, managing or planning is actually something we do daily, unknowingly.

Have you ever arranged a birthday party or bachelorette night out, Thanksgiving/Christmas lunch or dinner for the family? Even just a night out with friends or a BBQ at your house on the weekend? Well that is event planning! As it’s so much of our daily lives, we don’t necessarily see it as a job or a skill even. But it is!

It can be challenging when you first choose to work in the events industry, or at least I believe the industry chooses you. It’s like becoming a nurse or a teacher; it is something you are called to do rather than it just being a job or a career choice.


Why? You might ask.

Well think about it, some people are just better at organizing things than others. It’s the same as someone who loves looking after other people – a nurse, or someone who loves to share things with people – a teacher. It’s a calling as it excites you and every time you do it you feel a great sense of achievement. That’s when you know it is something you are meant to be doing.

I had this “calling” myself as a young teenager as when my Mum was hosting a party at our house for my Dad’s business colleagues, I would jump at the chance of helping her put it all together. On the evening of the “event” I would be the “hostess” and look after everyone’s needs. I loved it and at the end of the night, I got that feeling of great satisfaction that we had done a great job as the night was a success.

becoming an event manager

So how do you then translate these “social” experiences into industry related experience so that it looks like you have had experience in the industry? Simply….you ‘position’ them on your CV or in your interview or on your website as work experience. Use them as case studies when talking about them.

These are 4 main points to share when explaining the experience you had organising the event:

  1. The brief – what event type; party, bbq, weekend away and who were you hosting it for (of course it would usually always be for a family member or a friend rather than myself).
  2. The planning process – what did you actually do… for example – Researched food suppliers, or venues or themes for the event.
  3. Onsite event management – what did you do on the day? So you managed all catering, welcomed the guests, ensured that everyone was looked after and then cleaned up when they left or ensured everyone got home ok.
  4. Review of the event – After event reviewing is basically discussing how it all went, getting feedback from attendees and what worked and what didn’t.


The 3 best ways to get experience that is not necessarily paid for, but will count as “experience” are:


At any kind of organization see if you can help with the organising side of things like accepting volunteers when they arrive, what they will be doing for the time they are there, any social events the charity might be doing or creating fundraising ideas and running them. You can do this while you are learning the basics of event planning through Trendimi Event Planner online course.

Becoming an event manager


Working with a company or even an individual and assisting them with organising whatever they need doing in their business. Sometimes this can be a paid position however they will not pay very much, but it is a start while increasing your skill set knowledge through the Trendimi Premium Event Planner course which takes you to the next level in your career path or business potential.


Become a crew member at events. There are organizations who supply crew for events or you can work for the Event Company or Business directly. Anthony Robbins, USA’s most famous Personal Development and Transformational Speakers is one such organization and they always need crew members to help with the events. Check it here:

Adding to your skill set through Trendimi Premium the Advanced Event Manager course is also a fantastic way to ensure you are growing your expertise and committed to keep growing and learning in this industry.

Tamar is the tutor of our Advanced Event Manager live online course. This course has been designed to help Events professionals to step up in their career/business, learn their true value, work their negotiation skills, learn pricing strategies, find dream customers and so much more!

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Tamar Peters is a leader of high impact international speaker events and renowned in the events management training sector for developing and overseeing a large selection of highly regarded corporate events for small and large companies, including: Hilton Hotel, Baxterstory Catering, Excel Exhibition and Conference Centre, Lords Cricket Ground, British Association of Conference Destinations and Chris Howard Companies. She is also, renowned in the industry for building and developing a concise database comprising of many valuable business contacts, marketing and sales strategies.

Tamar has extensive experience and expertise as a Director at the sharp end of events development, management and coordination, provides the tools required to administer exceptionally high levels of strategic insight and direction to small and large, national and international companies.

Tamar has spent over 25 years in the events industry and now focuses on training and coaching all levels of people in the events industry, as well as specializing in high spec personalized business and transformational events all over the world.

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