How to Celebrate Carnival in Style

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Although we don’t celebrate Carnival very much in the U.S., it can be a lot of fun if you get the opportunity.

The celebration stems from Lent, a time of year when many restrictions are imposed on religious believers. The original Carnival celebrations began in Rome when people who were going to participate in Lent opted to party and indulge in food and drink that would be forbidden during the Lent period. The tradition drifted across Europe during the middle ages, and today people all around the world celebrate Carnival in costume and with dance, parades, street theater and more.

If you get the chance to participate in Carnival festivities, you may want to come up with a character or costume theme for the event. Here are a few recommendations on how to come up with the perfect ensemble.

1. Search for a character you feel you can identify with, then study her and transform her image to suit your personality. To begin creating your costume, choose a photo of the character on which you want base your look.

Source: Elavisperocomaud

2. Next, have a look through your closet and search for any items of clothing you would be able to adapt or customize to suit the image you want to create. Note: You may want to think twice before taking a pair of scissors to a designer item; if you don’t have any inexpensive items in your closet that will work, visit a local thrift shop and hunt for threads there.

Source: Chavas Mx

3. Compare your hair to that of the character. Will you need a wig? You could rent one or think about making your own using wool or other suitable materials.

Source: Mis manitas

4. Study your character’s accessories and the details that have potential to create high impact. Replicate them to create the same effect in your outfit.

Source: Maquilladas

5. Finally, have a close look at your character’s make-up. Search for step-by-step tutorials that show you how to achieve the correct make-up effects and practice applying the design a few days before you’ll wear the outfit. Research the best make-up products to suit the look you want before buying them; products that are excessively oily can stain clothes and tend to have a short shelf life.

Enjoy the party!

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Gina works her make up magic where it’s under a big spotlight – on TV. She grew up surrounded by the world of image transformation. Her father is a photographer and she spent much of her childhood assisting him on fashion shoots. This led her to add to her innate skills with formal qualifications from the prestigious Cazcarra School in Barcelona.
She widened her understanding of overall image sculpting with her studies in hairdressing, beauty and personal image at Llongueras, Barcelona. She spent 7 years as a make up artist in regional TV in the Balearic Islands and provides retraining to professionals on changing trends.

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