Finding customers in the events industry: 3 actionable steps

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Finding customers in the events industry is not difficult as long as you know where to look! Sounds simple right? And, it actually is. But more than finding customers, you need to look for dream customers. People who love working with so you can have a rewarding and fulfilling career/business in events. So I am going to share with you my 3 actionable steps that will help you to find the perfect kind of customer. To start with there are 2 basic questions I want you to ask yourself…

What kind of events would I like to work on? 

Do you want to manage meetings and training sessions or multi diverse conferences or maybe exhibitions?

Do you want to do weddings or social parties, sporting events or other large public events such as festivals or concerts?

What would my ideal customer be like?

What kind of company, organization, association or business would you like to work with?

Having an interest in a particular industry like fashion, music, business or sports can help you choose the best company like Channel or Tony Robbins to work with.

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And now… the 3 actionable steps:

1. Research

Research is such a great foundation to understanding your target market because you will know exactly where to find the perfect client and how to correctly approach them.

Here is an actual example of my own I can share with you…..

I want to work with an industry association that supplied training courses to the whole industry in the UK. So I did my research and found out who the best associations were that supplied training to the events industry. There were quite a few however, I was specifically looking for an association that already had many training courses and had been established for a few years. I also wanted an organization that was small and personal. So through my research I found an association called the British Associations of Conference Destinations. I was pleased to also find their courses were for a range of clients such as venues, event organisations, corporate clients etc. The BACD was the perfect fit for my event management training courses as they had some available but, not the advanced level which I was offering. We agreed on a 2 year contract and the deal generated a great monthly income working with exactly the right audience.

The second strategy is equally simple as the first one; promote what you do to EVERYONE!

2. Promotion

Being able to promote yourself at every opportunity without “selling yourself “ is a great skill to acquire and sharpen as it is how I generated a number of clients from my immediate circle of friends and work colleagues. If you are not comfortable “promoting” yourself and what you do, then you will struggle with being in business or even getting the career you want. Speaking passionately about what you do to your friends and on social media is one of the best ways to get new customers in this industry. Having a great website is also important and blogging about your experiences, your skills and knowledge shows initiative and is a great marketing tool to help create awareness around you.

finding customers in the events industry

3. Relationships

I know I have mentioned this before but you cannot underestimate the value of the contacts and connections you make in this industry especially with suppliers you work with. If you are focusing on the wedding or party market, any suppliers to this industry are great to partner with so they promote your services as part as what they offer as a business. Same with your Audio Visual supplier, a booking agency who doesn’t offer event management services or a venue who likes to recommend specific suppliers they work with.

Building lasting and trustworthy relationships with those service providers you work with will bring in many clients that you didn’t have to do anything to get in the first place.

So research, promotion and relationships are the keys to finding customers in the events industry. Three steps you can easily start tackling today! Now tell us about you! What are the steps you are taking to find dream customers in the events industry? Is finding the right customers something you often struggle with?

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Tamar Peters is a leader of high impact international speaker events and renowned in the events management training sector for developing and overseeing a large selection of highly regarded corporate events for small and large companies, including: Hilton Hotel, Baxterstory Catering, Excel Exhibition and Conference Centre, Lords Cricket Ground, British Association of Conference Destinations and Chris Howard Companies. She is also, renowned in the industry for building and developing a concise database comprising of many valuable business contacts, marketing and sales strategies.

Tamar has extensive experience and expertise as a Director at the sharp end of events development, management and coordination, provides the tools required to administer exceptionally high levels of strategic insight and direction to small and large, national and international companies.

Tamar has spent over 25 years in the events industry and now focuses on training and coaching all levels of people in the events industry, as well as specializing in high spec personalized business and transformational events all over the world.

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