Home Decorating Ideas for Christmas

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The Christmas holiday season is when you need to have your home looking at its finest, a fitting backdrop for all the fun and festivities. The possibilities are endless, a real design dream. However, instead of sticking to the old favorites, why not branch out and make this Christmas one to remember? Here’s a list to get you inspired:

Christmas trees

Who said that one large pine tree in the hall or living space was the only way to go with your Christmas tree this year? Several smaller trees displayed on occasional tables and decorated on a theme can look fabulous. Why not ditch pine altogether? Create that classic triangular pyramid using other materials: cleverly positioned books, blocks of wood painted green or for a smaller space you could even stack a pile of star-shaped cookies, drizzled in white icing.

Home Decorating Ideas for Christmas

Table decorations

Choosing the look for your table for the big day lends itself to all kinds of fun. Candles of all shapes and sizes are great favorites, but why not ring the changes. How about a display of oranges, dotted with cloves and dried. Looks dramatic and smells amazing. Don’t forget the name places – plain baubles can be customized using silver and gold marker pens and placed at each setting. Or you could get the party going by placing labelled mini gift bags by each place containing a joke or challenge, fab way to break the ice.

Home Decorating Ideas for Christmas

Christmas cards

A really easy way to bring color into your home is with the Christmas cards you receive. Displaying the cards in an unusual fashion will add interest. How about making a Christmas tree shape with them floor upwards along a feature wall? They also look great attached to the banisters and stair rods or how about getting some plain clothes pegs – painting and decorating them and then attach the cards to some festive ribbon strung across the room?


Here’s where you can really be original. There are so many kinds of paper and wrap on the market– you could even buy plain brown paper and create your own stencilled design. Use ribbon for dramatic effect and make your package all the more enticing. You could bring in a 3D element by popping a candy cane through the ribbon or tying a couple of wrapped chocolates to the package.

Home Decorating Ideas for Christmas


Nothing builds the anticipation more than seeing the stockings hanging, ready to be filled. They are really easy to make yourself and give you scope to use unusual fabrics and to add the person’s name onto the design. If you want to really change things up, why not ditch stockings altogether? Decorated crates, baskets and boxes make for fantastic alternatives.


Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without lots of sparkle and glitter. Don’t just keep baubles for the tree though. Large glass jars and jugs filled with baubles make for an easy and dramatic decoration or why not hang them on ribbon along a wall, staircase or passageway.

 Home Decorating Ideas for Christmas


Christmas lighting really brings a home to life and can transform the most humble of spaces. Think about weaving fairy lights through banisters and along picture rails; lining bookshelves also looks really effective. Don’t forget your outside space too. A lit up front door will be most welcoming and the dark nights provide a wonderful backdrop to trees and bushes picked out in sparkly outdoor lighting.


The Christmas wreath is traditionally made with evergreen leaves, which can look lovely, but why not add a twist this year? How about incorporating dried apples, oranges or lemons or even ditching the evergreen altogether? Dramatic wreaths can be easily made by threading baubles onto wire and shaping into a circle or you could make a star-shaped wreath and wrap delicate fairy lights around it for added sparkle.

Home Decorating Ideas for Christmas

Bring the outside in

It adds a lovely fresh feel to your Christmas décor to bring the outside in. Don’t forget to hang the mistletoe in all the right places while displays of sprayed pine cones and sprigs of holly look really beautiful. To add depth and texture to a shelf or mantelpiece, fir branches tied with festive ribbon also look amazing.

Home Decorating Ideas for Christmas

So this year, why not branch out and make your home the one to shine? A little imagination, a bit of planning and lots of sparkle will make your Christmas one to remember. For more inspiration check out www.thechristmasmag.com for beautiful design and lifestyle ideas this festive season.

We’d love to hear about any of your unusual Christmas plans for your home. Leave your comment below with your original home decorating ideas for christmas.

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