How to Become a Personal Image and Beauty Expert

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As a personal beauty advisor, you can offer valuable advice to help people improve their self confidence, personal outlook, and of course, their personal image and style. Our image and media based culture means that outward appearance is extremely important, and as a personal image and beauty expert, your job is to help people become the best version of themselves through proper care, tips, and choosing the right clothing and products for their needs. Personal image and beauty experts are becoming increasingly popular as more and more men and women decide that they want to look and feel their best. And malls, stores, salons, and individuals are realizing that, and hiring on beauty advisors as full time employees or freelancers.

In fact, personal image and beauty experts have a great job outlook, with an expected 10% growth rate by 2022. It’s also a great job if you don’t have a degree, because you can earn up to $45,000 per year. However, stores do require that you have an outgoing, friendly personality, and prefer that you have a history in sales, so working as a fashion assistant or clerk first is always a good idea. If you’re considering becoming a personal image and beauty expert, you can consider the following to help you on your way.


Tips for becoming a Personal Image and Beauty Expert

Job Description & Responsibilities

As a personal image and beauty expert, your job is to help people with their style, personal image, wardrobe, hair, makeup, and help to improve their self confidence. Much like a personal shopper, you’ll be making recommendations based on the clients face shapes, body types, and style, and using that to offer flattering tips to make your client feel special. Depending on whether you work as a freelancer or for a store, your job could also involve selling brand clothing, or simply making great recommendations and getting an affiliate fee, or selling your own accessories or makeup products on top of your services.

How to Become a Personal Image and Beauty Expert

Depending on the client, you will likely be demonstrating products, giving small or full personal makeovers, suggesting new products, and even handling customer relations though follow up calls and emails. Working as a personal image and beauty expert can be fun if you love style and makeup, and rewarding because you can help improve people’s lives by improving their self confidence.

Your Potential Salary as a Beauty Advisor

Many beauty advisors earn the same rate, or slightly more, than a retail clerk, but you can earn much more. With wages starting at around $21,000 per year in a retail store, and going much higher in salons, you can earn a great deal. You can also work as a freelancer and charge your own hourly rate, and supplement your earnings through online tips, tutorials, blogs, and videos, or even work primarily online.

Personal Image and Beauty Expert Skills

As a personal image and beauty expert, you need a lot of skills, but primarily, you need a passion for fashion, makeup, and hair. If that sounds like you, keep reading.

People – You have to understand body types, body shapes, face shapes, skin tones, fashion, trends, different styles, and how to recognize them. If someone comes in to you and asks what they should wear, you have to be able to make the best recommendation for their body type.

How to Become a Personal Image and Beauty Expert

Customer Service – Working as a beauty expert is all about the customer, and that means flatting therm, boosting their self confidence, dealing with potential problems, handling dissatisfaction, and working to ensure that everyone involved has a great experience.

Makeup – You’ll have to recommend products, demonstrate them, and possibly use them if you’re giving someone a makeover.

Hair – Giving haircut recommendations is part of your job, so you’ll have to know which haircuts flatter which face shapes.

Fashion – Even though fashion is constantly changing, you have to understand it, keep up with current trends, and figure out how to offer advice that lasts longer than the current fad.

Color – Understanding color and creating a color palette that flatters someone’s eyes, face shape, and skin tone is important for beauty advisors.


Education Requirements

There are no educational requirements for becoming a personal image and beauty expert. Most stores will prefer that you have some sales experience, and you do have to understand a lot about fashion, people, and body types to succeed, but with no government standards, you don’t even need a high school diploma. However, having extra credentials will help you to succeed no matter where you choose to work, especially in a high competition job like personal image and beauty.

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On the Job Training – In some cases, employees in good standing may be offered on the job training with a promotion to become a personal image and beauty expert.

Certification – Taking a course and earning your certification as a personal image and beauty expert allows you to prove your capability and your skills in the field. It also allows you to learn everything about being a beauty advisor, and starting your own business, so that you can either look for employment, or try freelancing.

How to Become a Personal Image and Beauty Expert

Getting Started

Learning how to become a personal image and beauty expert takes time, passion, and a love of personal image and style. If you’re passionate about fashion, clothing, and makeup, good with people, and experienced with sales, you’re already well on your way to becoming a great beauty advisor. If you want to jumpstart your career, consider taking our course, to earn your certification as a beauty advisor.

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