How to Choose Sunglasses to Enhance Your Beauty

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Not only can you embellish your image with the hottest clothes, hair and make-up trends, but accessories can also be a great ally to give an outfit extra impact.

Here, we’re focusing on how to choose sunglasses to enhance your individual beauty. Thousands of models of sunglasses are on the market, but which type will work best for you?


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If your face is round:

Square-shaped glasses compensate for curved lines. The frame should be big and wide enough to cover part of the cheekbone, thus optically elongating your face.


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If you have a square-shaped face:

Designs that are smooth and round soften prominent angles. Choose light colors if you want to add more softness.


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If your face is elongated, opt for dark colors. This type of face is characterised by a large distance between the forehead and chin. The ideal sunglasses for a long face are square and oversized, especially if the nose is prominent.


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Tips for buying sunglasses:

Search the internet and your favorite magazines for pictures of faces similar to yours, and see what glasses are being worn this season. This will be of great help, as not everyone knows how to identify their face shape; it can be easier to recognize who you resemble.


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The health of your eyes is very important. Always choose sunglasses that are of excellent optical quality.

When you go try on your sunglasses, make sure your hair and make-up also look great so you can see which styles look best on you.

Have fun shopping!

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