How to make a Quick Makeover in your Living Room for Fall Season

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As the seasons change, so does the energy in our homes. During summer it’s all about bright, vivid colours and capturing the playfulness of the season. With the arrival of fall, we crave warmth and comfort and gravitate more towards earthy hues and a calming ambiance. Autumn brings chilly nights and misty mornings, and these environmental changes are reflected in our living spaces; as the weather gets colder outside, we bring the warmth inside. When you walk through the door after a cold rainy day, you want to feel cozy and snug, and there’s no better place to warm up than your living room.

Preparing your living room for fall season is easy.

How to make a Quick Makeover in your Living Room for Fall Season


Borrowing from the color palette of a painting or print is the easiest way to introduce a new colour story into your home. Just make sure that the new scheme complements your existing furniture, so all you have to do is swap out accessories such as pillows, throws, rugs, frames, or knick-knacks to create a new setting.

To really create an air of comfort, I suggest using a photo or painting that really speaks to you. Search for a piece of wall art that you feel naturally drawn to, so that it’ll have a calming presence in the room. You can then use that sense of calm to inspire the rest of your décor – remember that consistency is key when you’re setting a particular mood in your space. Using the colors in your wall art, you’ll have a choice of neutral colors to use as a backdrop, and accent colors for a bold pop here and there to liven up the room. Consider textures and patterns to change the rhythm of your space and really make your concept sing.

By applying the color scheme from your favorite work of art, the atmosphere will feel familiar and inviting, and using consistent and complementary colors creates harmony within the room. Too often we worry about the newest trends and fashions and keeping up what’s currently in style, and we lose ourselves in the process. You want your space to reflect your lifestyle, personality, and what makes you unique as a person. Having a personal touch be the focal point of the room, lets “you” shine through, and it allows you to further explore your personal design style. Give it a try – you may end up with a gorgeous room, and you’ll learn something about yourself in the process!

How to make a Quick Makeover in your Living Room for Fall Season



Every season is beautiful in its own way, but fall lets us cool down and relax after a long hot summer. Because you’ll be spending more time indoors, you’ll want a cozy atmosphere to escape the blustery winds and cool rains. Textiles are an easy way to introduce a warm and snugly atmosphere into your living room, especially if you coordinate by color. Fill your sofa with soft, woven cushions, and drape a fuzzy blanket over your favourite chair. Consider using thicker grade curtains in rich colours, and with patterns or embroidery to give your room a more luxurious feel. Layering textile accessories in natural fibers creates an added sense of comfort, and they’ll keep you warmer during the cold Autumn days.

How to make a Quick Makeover in your Living Room for Fall Season



Self-adhesive vinyl removable wallpaper or wall decals are an excellent way to introduce a new element into your living room or to add a focal point – they are cheap, easy to apply, and of course, to remove. The great thing about removable wallpapers is that you can install them even if you are renting – which means you can personalize your rental unit without getting in trouble with your landlord. Just peel them off when you’re done! Choose an atmospheric decal in muted colours or with autumn motifs, and complement the scenery with matching accessories to bring the beauty of Fall into your room.

How to make a Quick Makeover in your Living Room for Fall Season



Having a soft carpet to step on definitely makes surviving fall and winter easier. Your living room is where you’ll be spending a lot of time, so it’s the perfect space to warm up with a rug. A large neutral area rug will do the trick, and no matter your color scheme, a rug will help to define the space. To go a step further, add another layer of carpet on top of your neutral rug. Layering an oriental kilim rug, for example, will add character and a bit of boho chic to your living space.

How to make a Quick Makeover in your Living Room for Fall Season


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Petra Bezic is an Interior designer with a diploma in Interior design from Callegari-an Italian school of fashion and design, and Bachelor’s Degree- Engineer of Textile and Clothing Design from Faculty of Textile Technology at Univeristy of Zagreb. She has years of experience working as an Interior decorator and designer, and she also provides a creative writing service in Interior Design/Decorating field.

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