Ready to increase your earnings as an event manager?

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Being an event manager offers many opportunities for skill diversity and revenue streams – you just need to know where to look! For example, knowing how to transfer your skills is the key to massive success both financially and realizing your full potential in a business or career. So how do you do this? Here are 4 key strategies to ensure you are maximizing every opportunity to increase your earnings as an event manager:


1. Profile Yourself: Become an Event Manager Expert!

Yes, putting yourself out there as an expert is going to help you skyrocket your opportunities.

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2. Out and About

Go to as many industry exhibitions, events or meetings as possible. People need to see you, meet you and connect with you. Get to know who are the key players in the industry and befriend them as it’s ALL about WHO you know and not just WHAT you know. Look for local meet up groups in your area, online forums you can be a part of and attend industry specific events where you can network with as many industry people as possible.

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3. Supplier Commissions

So if you are working for yourself in your own business or as a freelancer this specific strategy will really work well! Yes you get paid by your client, but you can also get commissions from your suppliers. Most industry suppliers such as venues, audio visual, speaker agencies etc, will pay anything between 5-20% of the total value of the booking in commission. Ensure though that whatever is agreed is in writing as this can add a substantial amount of potential revenue to your business.

In my one job at an event management company, I reduced our audio visual bill by 33% without compromising the quality of what we delivered. My boss was so impressed that it became a new duty of mine and I asked for a raise and guess what….they gave it to me!

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4. Skill Diversity

If you are in a job the best way to increase your potential earnings is to diversify your skills and experience. Knowing what the industry salary standards are will also help you understand what your skills are worth so look for annual salary reports.

However the greatest way to increase earnings is to be able to work in many areas of the industry. I have worked in a hotel, a conference venue, for an event management company, an event booking agency, 2 catering companies on their event sales side, my own event management and training businesses and for an industry association training event management. Each time increasing my salary or my business, while providing training and consultation as well as actual event management for my clients.

Adding to your skill set through Trendimi Premium Advanced Event Manager course is also a fantastic way to ensure you are growing your skills at the same time as increasing your revenue. They are directly linked so make sure you keep learning!

Tamar Peters recently covered this topic on a Trendimi Premium free live training. Tamar is also the tutor of our Advanced Event Manager live online course. This course has been designed to help Events professionals to step up in their career/business, learn their true value, work their negotiation skills, learn pricing strategies, find dream customers and so much more!

Tamar is passionate about sharing her 25 years expert knowledge, because she wants you to succeed too! To find more information about the course just click here

Tamar Peters is a leader of high impact international speaker events and renowned in the events management training sector for developing and overseeing a large selection of highly regarded corporate events for small and large companies, including: Hilton Hotel, Baxterstory Catering, Excel Exhibition and Conference Centre, Lords Cricket Ground, British Association of Conference Destinations and Chris Howard Companies. She is also, renowned in the industry for building and developing a concise database comprising of many valuable business contacts, marketing and sales strategies.

Tamar has extensive experience and expertise as a Director at the sharp end of events development, management and coordination, provides the tools required to administer exceptionally high levels of strategic insight and direction to small and large, national and international companies.

Tamar has spent over 25 years in the events industry and now focuses on training and coaching all levels of people in the events industry, as well as specializing in high spec personalized business and transformational events all over the world.

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