Legging Boots: If The Shoe Fits, Rock It

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With the rise in popularity of leggings and the world’s undying love for boots, maybe we shouldn’t be surprised that legging boots are suddenly a thing. Also, who wants to waste precious getting-ready time on deciding on a boots and leggings-or-pants combination?

In reality, they are a lazy girl’s dream. All you have to do is slip into them and throw a tunic on top, and you’re ready to go. (Provided that you fit into one of the limited sizes the designers offer, of course.)


Source: Vogue.es | Olivia Palermo

While this Frankenstein-ian creation may be an unexpected trend, it has become popular among celebrities and non-celebrities alike. Models Kate Moss and Karlie Kloss, along with Kim Kardashian West, have been seen rocking this trend. So the question is this: Are you into it? Or, perhaps, are you brave enough?



Source: Kelifstile | Blake Lively

If you like the idea of boots that rise sky high but aren’t in love with the prospect of your feet being tethered to your waist, you could always opt for over-the-knee boots. This style certainly provides more options, as they can be worn with basically anything—leggings(obviously), pants, dresses, minis, short shorts, you name it.


Source: Vogue.es | Christine Teigen

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