Do you really need an interior design blog?

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Blogging has become the new way of expression. It turns everyone into a journalist and takes freedom of speech to a whole new level. But do you really need an interior design blog? At last count, there were over 1.13 million blog posts created daily so why would you want to add to this cacophony of opinion in an already content-saturated world?
In short, you need to blog because it’s the best way to distinguish and market yourself. Your potential clients want to get to know you, see your work, understand your style and capabilities and see what you’re about. Let’s break it down!


1) What is a blog?

A blog, or a web-log, is an online social commentary platform where you can air your opinion, create useful content and tutorials, showcase your portfolio and do marketing. Many people are using blogging as a creative outlet, but in recent years, business owners have come to realize the value of a blog as a way to create content that increases your chances of being found on the internet.


2) What is the purpose of it?

Where your website is your presence on the internet, your interior design blog is one of your most valuable marketing tools. You have to establish yourself as an authority in your niche, whether that is designing modern kitchens or designing and building specialized doggie homes for your client’s pets. You want people to come to your site because you offer them valuable information on your chosen topic.

Do you really need an interior design blog?

3) What should I blog about?

Many people find blogging quite intimidating, especially when it comes to creating engaging posts. In order to set yourself up as an authority site, you’ll need to cover a few aspects of interior design:

  • New Products & Trends
  • Projects that you’re working on
  • New developments (malls, apartment buildings and housing) in your area
  • Exhibitions, trade shows, events
  • Technical aspects of interior design
  • Information, how-to’s, tutorials

Potential clients will want to understand what you can offer them so tailor your articles to your customer. For example: write an article on the top 10 trends in bedrooms. Or, write an article about the design process itself, how it works and what clients can expect. Putting beautiful examples of your work into the article is of course also a great idea. Once you’ve completed a project, write an article about the challenges and triumphs of that project and link back to your portfolio entry.

Do you really need an interior design blog?

And in case you run out of ideas or hit that dreaded writer’s block, refer to the helpful tools section at the end of this article for some topic generation websites.

PRO TIP: Never copy content from another website. This is not only plagiarism, but it also negatively impacts the SEO ranking of your website. To be sure that your article is authentic, use a copy checking service like this one.


4) How often should I publish?

There has been much debate about the ideal frequency of posting. To have a dynamic website, you will need to keep the content fresh and relevant which means you will need to post weekly at a minimum, some even say daily. But saying that, there are many hugely successful blogs that only post once a month. A good rule of thumb is to build up your content as quickly as you can (while keeping the quality high!) so that you can improve your SEO, and then start a regular posting schedule based on what you can comfortably achieve.

Creating an authority site is something that you build up over time so don’t be too hasty with it. If you stick to it, on a weekly publishing schedule for instance, you will create 52 new articles over the course of a year. That’s a lot of new content for potential clients to get to know you!


5) Who will read my interior design blog?

Initially, only your mom and your best friend. But hang in there! Publish your blog content on your social media channels as well and before you know it, your readership will grow to include many people you don’t know. Social media really is your best friend here. Always make sure that you post an extract from your latest blog post to all your channels, with a link back to your website where the full post can be read.

Do you really need an interior design blog?

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Useful links to build your Interior Design Blog:

Topic Generators:


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Germarie is an interior designer who turned to blogging as an outlet for her passion for writing. The blog soon took over and in 2013 she left her corporate design career behind to blog full time. Award-winning blog Homeology ( constitutes inspiring home décor and styling, DIY’s and tutorials as well as a home décor shop, e-books and many free resources to empower anyone to make their home into a haven. In 2015, she co-authored her first book Make Your Home (Random House Struik 2015) with childhood friend, Margaux Tait who is a regular contributor to the blog. The duo also launched their TV careers at the same time as décor and design presenters on DSTV channel Via’s Stylstryd.

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