3 Unexpected Bachelorette Party Ideas

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As a party planner, when you are asked to organize a bachelorette party you must match the event to the bride’s personality. Some brides will be happy with the typical cocktails-at-a-bar approach, while others won’t be quite so interested. Luckily, there are tons of fun options available to you and your clients! Here are a few unexpected bachelorette party ideas.

1. The Shopping Spree

There are many ways to celebrate the departure from single life. If the bride has a passion for fashion, a Sex in the City-style shopping party will be a sure hit. In order to make the event extra special, hire a limo to pick up the guests and deliver them to a chic shopping district or shuttle them from boutique to boutique.

If you’re a maid of honor planning the party for your bride, you could hire a personal shopper to accompany you on the shopping trip and make the bride feel extra special. A few days beforehand, send an email to the personal shopper with photos showing the wardrobe style of the bride—as well as those of the other party attendees, if you wish—so she can plan the shopping route to suit the desired style and budget.

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2. The Photo Shoot

This party option could take place after a shopping spree—showcasing the new outfits and accessories procured during the excursion—or on its own.

If you have the budget for it, book a talented photographer to take professional photos of the bride and all of the party attendees. Fun group shots and sultry portraits are all possibilities here.

If you’re working on a limited budget, find a friend who loves photography, or a budding photographer looking to fill his book with images of lovely ladies, and have fun with it!

Tip: Consider creating a commemorative photo album for all of the party participants. Albums can be created easily and inexpensively through many online retailers.

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3. The Holistic Therapy

It’s no secret that preparing for a wedding can be incredibly stressful. Many brides are so busy planning their special day that they forget to take care of themselves. Throwing a holistic-therapy bachelorette party is a relaxing, calming alternative to the proverbial boozefest.

Treatments could include Reiki, holistic massage, acupuncture, meditation, naturopathy, energy work, herbalism, Ayurvedic, Chinese Traditional Medicine, osteopathy and more. If you have a down-to-earth bride to work with, this could be the party for her.

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