4 Must-Try Valentine’s Day Activities

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If you’re looking for an occasion to surprise a loved one, Valentine’s Day is an obvious opportunity! We’ve compiled a list of must-try Valentine’s Day activities that, honestly, you could try any time of the year to bring a smile to that special someone’s face.

1. Surprise your boo with an appointment with a professional photographer to do a super-fun photo shoot. Make sure to bring multiple outfits for each of you, and plan the outfits around the photo setting. Bonus: If you’re engaged or planning to become engaged, you can use these photos for your announcements or wedding invitations.

Source: Fernando Terrasa

2. If you’re already married you could still get in on the photo fun. You could: A. Do a post-wedding or anniversary shoot where you dress up in your wedding outfits. This can take place where you got married or anywhere else your heart desires. These photos will have a more lighthearted feel than the official wedding pictures and you’ll probably look more relaxed without wedding-day nerves. Or you could: B. Set up a photo shoot and use the photos for holiday cards or family newsletters.

Source: Fernando Terrasa

3. Find a Groupon or LivingSocial deal in your own city—or a city you’d like to visit. To add extra spontaneity and excitement, select an activity you wouldn’t normally do. The experience will bring you and your beloved closer together, and you may even make some new friends to pair up with on future dates.

Source: Fernando Terrasa

4. Have a romantic night in with a Date in a Crate subscription box. This is great if you live in a small town or are on a tight schedule, as the box brings the romance straight to your door. And the best part is you never know what you’re going to get in the box—the surprise element adds to the romance and fun.

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