Ángeles & Ángela


Ángeles & Ángela

Ángeles Castro - Stylist, designer and event planner

Ángela Suau - Historian, personal shopper and etiquette expert

Ángeles Castro and Ángela Suau started their relationship as teacher and student and went on to found and act as working partners in a successful company called Wings Group.

Ángeles and Ángela are the authors of Trendimi’s Personal Shopper course, where they have translated into an educational format everything they have learned through their experience as image consultants.

Angeles Castro’s career as a stylist, designer and event planner spans over 15 years in the fashion industry in event planning and in design.

Angela Suau, a historian, personal shopper and etiquette expert with over 8 years of experience, has worked on an extensive curriculum of collaborations with renowned firms in Europe.

As a team, Angela and Angeles have worked on large and prestigious events with organisations such as El Ministerio de Fomento in Spain, fnac in France, Mini and la Comunidad de Madrid as stylists and event planners.

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