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learn how to become a hair stylist


Image is everything. Hair styling is vital.

In the past, an individual’s image was much less in the spotlight. We now live in a world where image is an essential part of everyone’s brand. It is absolutely vital that all aspects of outward appearance are styled and groomed to present everyone at their best and portray their full potential. Hair styling is one of the most important components of overall image. 

Develop an exhilarating a new skill

Hair styling is an exciting, creative and glamorous career.  Based in the fast moving, bustling world of image and fashion, it is satisfying and very rewarding. Once trained, you could work in a salon that sets trends, style models for fashion shows and magazine photo shoots or even open your own salon. 

Get to the top faster!

Instead of spending many months or even years as an apprentice you can now take Trendimi’s hair styling course and train to become a hairstylist in your own home in no time at all. All you need is dedication, some models to practice on (we’re sure you’ll find lots!) and the specific tools which we’ll tell you all about.  

Our course is written by a top stylist who has many years experience in all areas of hair styling. Here’s just some of what you’ll learn about:

  • Hairstyles throughout history and their place in fashion eras
  • The structure of hair and how to care for, protect and nourish it
  • Inside tips and tricks on techniques like washing, straightening, curling, drying
  • How to suit hair colour and styles to individual face shapes and skin tones
  • How to create special styles for occasions and create many looks with one cut

Is your head in a spin thinking of all the exciting places this could lead you?!

Don’t delay, this is a skill you can take anywhere in the world and build into a really promising future. Enrol today!