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“View but her face, and in that little round you may observe a world of variety". John Ford

Face it – first impressions matter.

Your face is the first thing people notice about you. The use of skilful make up can give the same face a range of looks, moods and statements. It’s a vital tool in sculpting an overall image and goes hand in hand with fashion styling. Make Up artistry is now in big demand among a growing image-conscious public. 

Training in professional make up techniques with Trendimi’s Make Up course builds your credentials as a top to toe stylist. You can also work as a specialist make up artist alone. 

In the fashion industry, trends are constantly changing and make up styles change with them. You can easily anticipate and interpret fashion trends in make up by gaining a strong foundation in techniques and styles.  

Taking this course will teach you:

  • About the tools, materials and products you’ll be working with.
  • To understanding skin – the structure, care of and preparation for make up.
  • To assess skin tones and light absorption/reflection.
  • To distinguish face shapes, bone structure and contours.
  • To use colour, highlighting and shading to enhance each individual’s tones, face shape and structure.
  • How to professionally apply foundation, correction, concealer, cheek colour, lip colour, eyebrow definition,in shades to suit skin types, tones, ages and ethnic groups.
  • How to apply make up for day, evening and to create different looks - glamour, wedding, classic, natural, dramatic and subtle, suiting current fashions.  
  • How to adapt a daytime look to an evening one for busy professionals. 

Career opportunities for you as a Make Up Artist:

You could:

  • Represent a cosmetics company in demonstrating product use.
  • Apply make up to fashion models using suitable catwalk theme.
  • Provide professional make up to assist photographers and stylists.
  • Make up a wedding party.
  • Be a make up artist on film sets and for theatre productions.
  • Provide a professional make up service to individual clients.


Get hands-on skills that you can take immediately to the makeup table.

The primary goal of this makeup artist course is to ensure that you walk away with applicable skills that will help you no matter what you intend to do.

Some of the skills you'll learn include, but are not limited to, the following:



Want to become a professional makeup artist and wish to obtain an accredited certificate in makeup artistry


Are already working as a professional makeup artist but would like a refresher course to keep investing in your makeup training


Would like to learn more about professional makeup for yourself, your friends and family (even if you don't want to become a professional makeup artist)


Are tired of googling and "youtubing" to learn more about makeup kits, skin types etc., and want a one stop shop where you can get the skills and knowledge to become a professional makeup artist


Want to be 100% sure that becoming a makeup artist is actually what you want to do


  • Introduction
  • Normal skin
  • Combination skin
  • Dry skin
  • Oily skin
  • Sensitive skin
  • Determining skin type
  • Make-up removal
  • Skin care
  • Skin care - Video tutorial
  • Introduction
  • Skin tones and undertones
  • Color correctors
  • Contouring, highlighting and strobing
  • Contouring techniques - Video tutorial
  • Different face shapes and enhancement techniques
  • Round face
  • Oblong face
  • Square face
  • Rectangular face
  • Triangular face
  • Tips and tricks
  • Introduction to tools
  • Brushes: natural vs. synthetic
  • Brush types
  • Products
  • Introduction
  • Correct blemishes - Video tutorial
  • Foundations and Corrections - Video tutorial
  • Types and textures
  • How to choose a Foundation - Video tutorial
  • Make-up allergy testing
  • Correcting problem skin
  • Choosing foundation to suit skin tone
  • Color Wheel
  • Complementary Colors
  • Complementary and Opposite Colors Chart
  • Introduction
  • Identifying the correct color palette
  • Personal Color Analysis
      • Winter
      • Autumn
      • Summer
      • Spring
    • Eye color
    • Skin tones
    • Hair tones
  • Introduction
  • Applying Eye Make-up to suit Eye Shapes:
      • Monolid eyes
      • Hooded eyes
      • Upturned eyes
      • Downturned eyes
      • Round eyes
      • Almond eyes
      • Sunken eyes
      • Close-set eyes
      • Wide-set eyes
    • Trendimi Eye Make-up – Video tutorial
    • How to apply eyeliner – Video tutorial
    • How to use an eyelash curler – Video tutorial
  • Introduction
  • Eyebrows in general
  • Corrections for eyebrows
  • Eyebrow make-up - Video tutorial
  • Perfectly defined eyebrows
  • Introduction
  • Types of lip products
  • Lip types
  • How to determine lipstick shades
  • Lip make-up – Video tutorial
  • Introduction
  • Make-up for daytime
  • Make-up for daytime – Video tutorial
  • Make-up for afternoon
  • Make-up for afternoon – Video tutorial
  • Make-up for evening and parties
  • Make-up for evening and parties – Video tutorial
  • Smoky eyes
  • Smoky eyes – Video tutorial
  • Nude make-up
  • Nude make-up – Video tutorial
  • Bridal make-up
  • Bridal make-up – Video tutorial
  • Make-up for Men
  • Make-up for Men – Video tutorial
  • Introduction
  • Types of false lashes
  • Practical use of false lashes
  • Attaching false eyelashes
  • How to add false eyelashes – Video tutorial
  • Removing false eyelashes
  • Introduction to eyelash extensions
  • Kit required for eyelash extensions
  • Step-by-step attachment of extensions
  • Customer tips
  • Maintenance sessions
  • Introduction
  • Women in their 20s
  • Women in their 20s – Video tutorial
  • Women in their 30s
  • Women in their 30s – Video tutorial
  • Women in their 40s
  • Women in their 40s – Video tutorial
  • Women in their 50s
  • Women in their 50s – Video tutorial
  • Women over 60
  • Women over 60 – Video tutorial
  • Make-up mistakes that can age
  • Introduction
  • Cleaning and hygiene
  • Stocking up
  • Good practices for prevention of infection and contagion
  • Introduction
  • Personal kit
  • The basic professional kit
  • The complete professional kit
  • Make-up kit – Video tutorial
  • Typical make-up kit pricing
  • Trendimi’s recommended products
    • Preparation products
    • Disposables
    • Tools of the trade
    • Make-up products
    • Make-up brushes
  • Introduction
  • The Importance of having a License
  • Staying on Top of Beauty Trends
  • Getting your Make-up Career off the ground
  • Research before you begin


Immediate access to the course materials

Once you enroll you'll get access to your user area where you'll immediately find all the materials you need to complete the course

Access to exams and assessment

You'll be assessed as you progress throughout the course and you can easily track your progress and marks in your user area

Sophisticated exams and grading

The exams will test if you've learned the information on each module. All exams will be done online and no paperwork is required

One year to start the course

You can buy the course now but start the course anytime within the one year period

45 days to complete the course

From the moment you start your course you'll have 45 days to complete it. You can get an extension if you need more time

Study at your own pace

We all have a busy life and we get it. You can study anytime you wish: late in the evening, weekends - whatever suits you better

Online access

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Access to specialist knowledge

You’ll get access to detailed video tutorials, practical examples and really useful tips


All our Courses are fully accredited

International Accreditation
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  • You'll get a free PDF certificate at the end of the course issued by Trendimi and confirming your course completion.
  • You can also request an internationally recognised certificate issued by independent accreditation body - International Council for Online Educational Standards. This certificate is issued in hard copy only and is posted to your address. Certificate fee applies.
  • In order to be eligible for the certificate you need to successfully complete the course and pass each course module


  • I just completed the Wedding Planner course through Trendimi. I would recommend this site to anyone for any course! Not only was the information pertaining to the wedding planning itself very detailed and thorough, it also gave great information in detail about how to run a small business. I've been running a small business for over a year, and while I am already implementing many of the strategies suggested in this course, I found many of the detailed suggestions to be extraordinarily helpful. Thank you for all of the fabulous information. I'll be sure to send others your way.

     Jessica Amanda Mays- Wedding Planner
  • I enjoy having the ability to complete coursework at my own pace. The courses have a variety of elements including study modules, exercises and exams. There are many visual examples such as videos, pictures and illustrations. I am very happy with the courses and my family, friends and co-workers all agree that my Makeup Artistry, Personal Image and Personal Shopping skills have improved since completing the courses.

    Ariana Jennifer Adriene Burks- Make-up Artist
  • "I've always been interested in Interior Design but didn't know where or how I should start learning. When I saw your course for Interior Design it looked like the perfect solution! I learned SOO much! I have a good eye for designing but didn't know how to use it. Everything I know about interior design is pretty much from your course! It was so informative! I now feel like I'm equipped to go. I loved how organized and thorough the course was, and it was really nice having everything in various modules according to the topics. I now feel like I’m equipped to go and start my own business after a little practice"

    Amanda_Mays Ari Johnson- Interior Design & Home Styling

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