Beauty Technician with Business Management & Accounting

Beauty Technician with Business Management & Accounting

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Beauty Technician with Business Management & Accounting

This all encompassing course is a must have for anyone setting up in the beauty industry today. This ultimate Beauty Technician with Business Management & Accounting course will not only give you the skills to become a beauty technician but also give you the detailed foundation in starting and running a business, from set up right through to preparing the accounts for an audit.

Beauty Technician

Starting with our amazing Make Up Artistry course you’ll learn all there is to know about sculpting a face to bring out the best features. Our extensive nail artist course equips you with the knowledge and skills to offer a top quality nail care experience to your clients.  We have also included our outstanding hair stylist course which will enable to you to build your credentials as a top to toe stylist. With over 40 detailed tutorial videos you’ll hone your beauty skills in no time.

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Business Management & Accounting

Becoming a beauty technician is a great skill to have to take your new skills to the next level you need to know how to run a business, keep the accounts straight and how to get customers. We’ve got you covered with our extensive range of business management and accounting modules. You’ll learn:

  • Accounting basics, making sense of your accounts and how to use computerized accounts
  • Keeping track of inventory, sales and balancing cash
  • Controlling and managing expenses
  • Hiring staff and managing payroll
  • Building a business network and growing your business
  • Market and business planning and strategy
  • Launching, branding and promoting your business
  • Pricing and sales strategy
  • Managing your business image both on and offline
  • Social media and online marketing

In your own space and time, develop the skills to become an outstanding beauty technician as well as how to successfully launch and develop your own company. Begin your online training with Trendimi today.

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