If you love to help others look and feel their best, why not choose a career in the beauty industry? With education and hard work, you can have a fun and rewarding career that takes you places, so enroll in a beauty course today, and see why so many students are launching their careers with Trendimi!

online personal stylist courseTrendimi

Personal Image & Beauty Expert

  • Number of Students: 5264
  • Hours of Study: 50

nail courses online

Gel Manicure & Nail Artist

  • Number of Students: 4217
  • Hours of Study: 50

learn how to become a hair stylist

Extensions & Hair Styling Expert

  • Number of Students: 2907
  • Hours of Study: 50

Skin and Body Care

  • Number of Students: 3810
  • Hours of Study: 40

Beauty Technician

  • Number of Students: 2432
  • Hours of Study: 150

Beauty Technician with Business Management & Accounting

  • Number of Students: 2415
  • Hours of Study: 150

Beauty Party Planner

  • Number of Students: 2447
  • Hours of Study: 30

online makeup courses Trendimi.

Makeup Artist

  • Number of Students: 65872
  • Hours of Study: 50

Bridal & Special Occasions Makeup

  • Number of Students: 3035
  • Hours of Study: 30

Acne Treatment & Care

  • Number of Students: 2339
  • Hours of Study: 30

Eyebrow and Eyelash Masterclass

  • NEW
  • Hours of Study: 30

Contouring and Highlighting Expert

  • Number of Students: 2174
  • Hours of Study: 30

Makeup for the Everyday Woman

  • Number of Students: 2051
  • Hours of Study: 30

Cosmetology Professional Course

  • Number of Students: 2057
  • Hours of Study: 140

Become a Freelance Makeup Artist

  • Number of Students: 2078
  • Hours of Study: 210

Perfect Skin From The Inside Out

  • Number of Students: 2008
  • Hours of Study: 100

Creative Cake Pop Decorating

  • NEW
  • Hours of Study: 30

Fashion Mentor

Share your passion for fashion with the world, by becoming a fashion mentor! We’ll teach you everything you need to know about becoming a personal shopper, ....

USD  499



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  • You can also request an internationally recognised certificate issued by independent accreditation body - International Council for Online Educational Standards. This certificate is issued in hard copy only and is posted to your address. Certificate fee applies.
  • In order to be eligible for the certificate you need to successfully complete the course and pass each course module
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