How to Choose a Lipstick

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Do you have beautiful lips and want to show them off? Or have you always shied away from drawing attention to your pout?

In this post we’ll show you how to choose a lipstick based on your physical characteristics.

If you have fair skin and dark hair with heart-shaped lips, red lip color will highlight your femininity. Use a lip stain so the color will stay intense all day. But beware: Depending on the lip stain you use, this can make your lips dry out. Be sure to moisturize them well before and after application.

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If you have fair skin with blonde hair and thin lips, define them in pastel and peach tones.


How to Choose a Lipstick

For women with olive skin, dark hair, brown eyes and thin lips, coppery colors, oranges and nudes are good choices–they bring brightness to the complexion.
How to Choose a Lipstick

If your skin and hair are both dark and you have nice, full lips, you have many options! You’ll look good in earth colours, nudes, reds, oranges, dark shades … whatever you like!

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Other Factors to Consider:

Less is more:
If your eye make-up is dramatic, it is usually best to tone down the lips. This gives the face good balance. Plus, it allows you to highlight your favorite facial feature!

Smudge profilers:
The difference between professional or amateur-looking lips is in the finished lines and artistic smudging. You’ll achieve more professional outlines with a lip brush. Tip: Clean up the edges around your lips with concealer and a narrow concealer brush after make-up application.

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