How to do a Home Redecoration Project on a budget

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Having a modest budget doesn’t mean you have to scrimp on style. Some of the best looks are achieved using a tried and true recipe: equal parts inspiration, imagination, and some good old-fashioned elbow grease. Read on for some great tips to update your living space – without breaking the bank.

10 ideas Home Redecoration Project on a budget

1. Paint neutral

If you’re budget-conscious, paint can be your best friend. It’s an inexpensive, yet effective way to revitalize and transform a space. A great starting point is to paint most of your walls in a neutral shade – think cream, white, pale grey or lemon. This will serve as an inviting backdrop and easy-to-work with template for the rest of your design scheme.

How to do a Home Redecoration Project on a budget


2. Add in feature colours

Once you’ve chosen the colour scheme for your space, bring it to life with a pop of bright, bold colour on a wall or two. You’ll only need a small quantity of paint for your accent wall, so check out sale aisles and return bins for discounted prices. If you have a steady hand, you can paint bold stripes or incorporate stencil work to make your walls the focal point of the room. For paint colour inspiration, check out these innovators Farrow Ball or Little Greene.

How to do a Home Redecoration Project on a budget


3. Bring in more shades

Work within your color palette by bringing in complementary shades, or shade variations of each colour. Soft furnishings, such as lampshades, rugs, and ornaments are the perfect way to introduce new colors and make the space feel cohesive. Staying within a colour scheme will give your space a high-end feel.

How to do a Home Redecoration Project on a budget


4. Cool canvases

A fun and economical way to add some pizzazz to plain walls is to pick up some artist canvases – in different sizes – and cover them with patterned fabrics. As you’ll only need small pieces of fabric, you may be able to score some discounted (or even free!) scraps from your local fabric store. You’ll just need tacks to affix the fabric to the canvas, and then arrange your canvases in an interesting shape to create a custom, one-of a-kind piece of art.
How to do a Home Redecoration Project on a budget


 5. Cluster collections

One way to make your space more visually interesting is to group and display similar items together. You can display an existing collection, or build one over time. A cluster of differently-shaped candles on a fireplace makes for an eclectic presentation, but books organized by the colour of their spine will achieve a tidy and thoughtful look. There’s lots of room to let your imagination run wild, and you can achieve any kind of look using this technique.

How to do a Home Redecoration Project on a budget


6. Back to nature

Mother Nature can be your greatest resource if you can think outside the box. Free materials and accessories can be found all around! Interesting shells or stones make beautiful centrepieces or vase fillers, pinecones can be used as a cheap and rustic arrangement for your table, and a piece of driftwood mounted and framed makes for a truly unique wall ornament. You can also plant your own flowers, succulents, and ferns, which may take a bit of patience, but will be well worth the wait.


7. Upcycle existing furniture

Never overlook what you already have. Look at your existing furniture and accessories with a fresh eye. What can be revamped? What can be repurposed? A coat of paint is an easy way to dress up an old chair or table, and changing the covers on a sofa or cushion will make it new again. But you don’t have to get out your tool kit to make a change; even re-arranging your existing pieces or swapping between rooms will make the space feel made-over.

How to do a Home Redecoration Project on a budget


8. Shop smartly

Venture outside your usual home décor store and you may be surprised by what you find. Thrift stores, charity shops, yard sales, etc. will get you more bang for your buck, and you can find some real treasures.  It may take some digging, but the bargains are worth it, and you might even score some authentic vintage pieces or ‘like-new’ items. Also, don’t forget to sign up to your local Freecycle websiteto snag local deals and freebies. Online sites such as Ebay and Gumtree are also wonderful sources.
How to do a Home Redecoration Project on a budget


9. Get handy with a needle and thread

Learning to sew is a fantastic long-term investment for any DIY enthusiast. Find the time to attend a class, and buy a second-hand sewing machine or borrow one from a friend. Creating your own curtains, cushion covers, tablecloths, etc. will save you a small fortune in the long run, and you’ll have complete creative control over your projects.

How to do a Home Redecoration Project on a budget


10. Most of all stay inspired

Be a design magpie – keep up with the latest trends by checking out design forums and industry resources.  Pinterest and Houzz are good starting points. Why not sign up for newsletters or take out an annual subscription to one of your favourite design magazines too?

Living etc and Wallpaper are both full of design inspiration. Tune into TV design shows and keep an eye out at restaurants, hotels and a friend’s home – inspiration can be found everywhere, and you can adapt any look to fit your space and budget.

Do you have any great ideas to make a little cash go a long way? Any shoestring successes to pass on? We’d love to hear from you!

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