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Event Design & Styling

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Unleash your creative expression! Style elegant events

Imagine getting to create an entire world using the very depths of your creativity and imagination. An enchanted forest for a romantic outdoor wedding, or a winter wonderland for a corporate holiday party. When you're an event stylist, the event space is your canvas, and there are no limits to what you can create! If you have an artistic flair and love planning parties and events, then event design and styling may be an exciting career option for you.

Before we get fancy, let's start with the fundamentals

Event styling is more than putting slipcovers on chairs and choosing napkin colors. To be successful in this field, you must be well-versed in the fundamentals, and you must know how to plan ahead. This course will cover all the basics; from initial brainstorming and concept development to working hands-on with clients. We'll teach you to prepare and plan accordingly, so that you can avoid major headaches when executing your vision. You'll learn how to get started, and what your first steps will be when working with a client, so you can impress with your professionalism and polish! Start with the basics:

  • How to conceptualize an individual event
  • The principles and key elements of design
  • How to examine floor plans and use design software
  • Where to look for inspiration and ideas
  • How to translate a client’s vision into practical application
  • To create a vision board and client presentation
  • How to choose the right design and décor techniques
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Design detail in action

While creativity is undoubtedly the most important element to event styling, there’s also a science behind the art. The key to any successful design is marrying aesthetic appeal with function. Event stylists are not just decorators, they have to understand the mechanics and flow of an event in order to design a space around it. When teaching you HOW to beautify your event space, we'll also explain WHY your choices will enhance the event itself and leave guests with an unforgetable experience. 

We'll give you answers to questions like:

  • What draping fabric should I choose for a wedding?
  • When do I know when I've gone overboard on details?
  • How do I tie in two themes and keep harmony within the space?
  • What colours create what moods?
  • How light or dark should the room be?
  • How can I incorporate special effects and technology?
  • What styling approach works best for each specific event?

Showcase your styling talent

Styling an event has a distinct advantage – you advertise your service with each job you complete! But personal style and an eye for detail will only take you so far. You'll need a solid understanding of design principles and event planning if you want to go pro. Our course will teach you everything you need to know about event conceptualization, design, styling, and execution, so you can launch your career today!

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