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“Plans are nothing; planning is everything.” -Dwight D. Eisenhower

Eisenhower may not have been thinking about the world of event planning when he said this quote, but it sure does apply. We’ve all been to a poorly planned event and we may have even thought, “I could’ve made this event so much better!” Today’s event planners need to take control of every detail from conception to clean up and the planning is critical. It is the planning that makes an event successful - making for happy clients and ecstatic guests. Are you ready to be that person?

Today’s event planners can work as freelancers specializing in such things as business events, weddings, concerts, fashions shows and much more. Or, you may find yourself working for an event planning company that works to host events for city governments, casinos, schools, or concert venues. The possibilities are endless and by 2022 the event planning industry expects careers to grow by 33% so now is the time to get started. An industry with lots of variety and predicted career growth - doesn’t that sound fantastic?

You can turn your strong communication and organizational skills into an exciting career as an event planner. Whether you have an existing job in a complementary field, are looking for a change, or just want to improve your chosen career, our Event Planner course has everything you need to get started in this fast-paced and ever-changing industry.

With the Trendimi Event Planner course you will learn critical skills related to:

  • Meeting and gaining clients
  • Creating an event plan around the client's needs
  • Designing the main event
  • Creating promotions
  • Developing timelines
  • Planning entertainment
  • Following current events
  • Establishing dress codes
  • Working with fashion, food, venues, transportation, project management, and much more

Everything you need to be a success in this industry!

Career opportunities for you as an Event Planner

You could:

  • The sporting world – stage sporting events, pro-am tournaments or mini marathons.
  • The entertainment industry – manage a live music, theatre, dance, film or comedy event.
  • The not-for-profit sector – help a worthy cause to raise funds and build widespread awareness with head turning events or celebrity galas.
  • Style personal, intimate family occasions like religious ceremonies, birthdays or weddings.
  • Event-manage store openings, new product launches or book launches.
  • Organise corporate, political or community events.

There is an endless list of events which need talented and capable event planners to make sure they go off without a hitch!


This event management course has been prepared specifically with you in mind, from essential practices to minor details. Our international team of experienced event planners has put together the most relevant content and up to date knowledge from today’s events world. You’ll receive valuable advice, practical strategies and industry secrets that will help you to get ahead in the events sector. (And everyone wants to get ahead!)

This certification in Event Planning will give you the applicable skills to immediately start your business, or begin working as an event planner. Here are some of the great skills you’ll learn:



Love to throw the perfect party and enjoy planning every detail from start to finish


Are working in a complementary field (i.e. catering) and want to expand your business


Thrive on working with vendors from various businesses and enjoy the art of negotiation


Enjoy knowing that each and every day you will be faced with different tasks and challenges


Can’t wait to make clients happy by creating a memorable event for them and their guests

Here’s the course breakdown:

Module 1: Working with clients
  • Introduction
  • Planning and preparing for the meeting
  • First impressions and presentation
  • What does your client need?
  • What comes next? Timeframes
  • Following up
  • Event proposal
  • Contracts and agreements
Module 2: Steps for planning an event
  • Target your goals and audience
  • Planning the event: date and time
  • Budget
  • Venue
  • Food and beverage
  • Transportation
  • Speakers
  • Timeframes
Module 3: Invitations, Greetings and Dress Code
  • Invitations and replies
  • Greetings etiquette and handshake protocol
  • Dress code
Module 4: Table Manners and Table Settings
  • Table-seating arrangements
  • Table settings
  • Table manners
Module 5: The Event
  • Last-minute preparations
  • During the event
  • Business cards
  • Evaluating the event
  • After the event: Keeping up with your clients, partners, and guests
Module 6: What is Event Management?
  • What is Event Management?
  • Role of the Event Manager
  • Project Management
  • Strength & Weaknesses of the event management profession (elements of SWOT)
  • Crisis Management
  • Planning Your Career
Module 7: Types of Events
  • Introduction
  • Conferences
  • Meetings
  • Launch Events
  • Fashion Shows
  • Fundraisers
  • Weddings
  • Religious Events
  • Photocalls
  • Exhibitions
  • Sport Events
  • Concerts
  • Political Events
  • Anniverseries


Immediate access to the course materials

Once you enroll you'll get access to your user area where you'll immediately find all the materials you need to complete the course

Access to exams and assessment

You'll be assessed as you progress throughout the course and you can easily track your progress and marks in your user area

Sophisticated exams and grading

The exams will test if you've learned the information on each module. All exams will be done online and no paperwork is required

One year to start the course

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45 days to complete the course

From the moment you start your course you'll have 45 days to complete it. You can get an extension if you need more time

Study at your own pace

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Online access

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Access to specialist knowledge

You’ll get access to detailed video tutorials, practical examples and really useful tips


All our Courses are fully accredited

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  • You'll get a free PDF certificate at the end of the course issued by Trendimi and confirming your course completion.
  • You can also request an internationally recognised certificate issued by independent accreditation body - International Council for Online Educational Standards. This certificate is issued in hard copy only and is posted to your address. Certificate fee applies.
  • In order to be eligible for the certificate you need to successfully complete the course and pass each course module


  • I just completed the Wedding Planner course through Trendimi. I would recommend this site to anyone for any course! Not only was the information pertaining to the wedding planning itself very detailed and thorough, it also gave great information in detail about how to run a small business. I've been running a small business for over a year, and while I am already implementing many of the strategies suggested in this course, I found many of the detailed suggestions to be extraordinarily helpful. Thank you for all of the fabulous information. I'll be sure to send others your way.

     Jessica Amanda Mays- Wedding Planner
  • I enjoy having the ability to complete coursework at my own pace. The courses have a variety of elements including study modules, exercises and exams. There are many visual examples such as videos, pictures and illustrations. I am very happy with the courses and my family, friends and co-workers all agree that my Makeup Artistry, Personal Image and Personal Shopping skills have improved since completing the courses.

    Ariana Jennifer Adriene Burks- Make-up Artist
  • "I've always been interested in Interior Design but didn't know where or how I should start learning. When I saw your course for Interior Design it looked like the perfect solution! I learned SOO much! I have a good eye for designing but didn't know how to use it. Everything I know about interior design is pretty much from your course! It was so informative! I now feel like I'm equipped to go. I loved how organized and thorough the course was, and it was really nice having everything in various modules according to the topics. I now feel like I’m equipped to go and start my own business after a little practice"

    Amanda_Mays Ari Johnson- Interior Design & Home Styling

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