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Diet for Beauty & Health

  • Number of Students: 2649
  • Hours of Study: 40

Skin and Body Care

  • Number of Students: 3192
  • Hours of Study: 40

All You Need to Know: First Time Mom

  • Number of Students: 3191
  • Hours of Study: 30

Postnatal Diet & Exercise

  • Number of Students: 3280
  • Hours of Study: 30

Holistic Therapy

  • Number of Students: 2907
  • Hours of Study: 30

Mindfulness Masterclass

  • Number of Students: 2193
  • Hours of Study: 30

Acne Treatment & Care

  • Number of Students: 3297
  • Hours of Study: 30

Living with Diabetes

  • Number of Students: 2457
  • Hours of Study: 30

Building Self-Confidence

  • Number of Students: 2382
  • Hours of Study: 30

Crystal Healing

  • Number of Students: 2213
  • Hours of Study: 30


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  • In order to be eligible for the certificate you need to successfully complete the course and pass each course module