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The website was excellent and the course was very easy to understand. I now know how to completely and professionally take care of nails as well as Nail Artistry

Shu Zuo

Nail care – a booming profession

Personal appearance and grooming have become more significant than ever before. In the age of the individual, everyone is on view. More and more people want to improve their personal image and promote themselves and their own brand in the best way possible.

Grooming of hands and feet is a very significant part of image. Paying attention to the care and decoration of hands, fingernails, feet and toenails is essential for a fully groomed look. Business is booming for nail salons all over the world and demand for good nail artists is flourishing.

Gel manicures and Shellac styled polish

There’s huge demand now for many types of nail treatments. Customers expect high quality, long lasting results. We’ll train you in the most up to date techniques like UV Gel nails and Shellac. Both the application and removal of Gels and Shellac need specific skills and careful attention to maintain the integrity of the natural nail. Learn how to offer these services correctly and professionally so you create loyal customers.

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Solid foundation of excellent skills

Trendimi’s extensive nail artist course equips you with the knowledge and skills you need to start a very exciting career in nail care. You’ll begin by learning to recognise individual types of skin and the most suitable products to treat them with. We outline the problems you’ll come across in nails and how to correct them.

A good manicure is not just about nail care. This course includes a module on hand exercises and how to give a great hand massage, the foundations to healthy, beautiful hands. We’ll also show you how to adapt these techniques to a pedicure. Once you’ve mastered the basics, it’s time for the exciting parts.

Gel manicure Nail glamour expert!

Starting with the steps for a French manicure, we’ll show you all the latest trends and techniques for decorating nails in fashion busting glamour! You’ll learn about different types of nail polish and their properties, what’s current in nail fashion and much more.

Clear pictures & detailed video tutorials

Throughout the course, you’ll feel in expert hands with lots of pictures clearly showing all the tools you need, the steps to skills and techniques and also detailed video tutorials.

With Trendimi’s Gel Manicure & Nail Art course, in your own space and time and in no time at all, you can confidently train as an expert manicurist, pedicurist and nail artist. Practice on friends and family and then start your exciting, fulfilling career! It’s a qualification you can take anywhere in the world. Sign up today.

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