Skin and Body Care

Skin and Body Care

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Indulge in Self Love

There’s something very nurturing about taking good care of your body. Don’t you feel great after an evening of pure indulgence in cleansing and beautifying? You’ll alsobe better company and sleep more soundly. Learn all the best ways to make the most of your body, all over. This course is packed with the most up to date tips, tricks and grounded facts to help you achieve body beautiful.

If skin could talk, what would it ask for?

Your skin is your largest organ - it wraps you up to protect you; it breathes and releases toxins. Understanding how it works helps you treat it with kindness and respect. In turn, it will give you an appearance to envy. Get informed on:

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  • Skin’s layers and functions
  • How to deal with different qualities and imbalances
  • What skin loves and hates – inside and outside
  • Regimes that get your glow back
  • Specific food, nutrients & supplements for youthful, supple skin
  • How to help slow down skin ageing

Create your own body parlour

There’s a lot to know about good body care – how to treat it, what to use, what to eat and what to avoid. You’ll find excellent tips on the best route to a body you love and the answers to your questions, including:

Should I ever expose my skin to the sun?

Can I help oily skin with my diet?

What special care should I take of my skin type?

How often should I exfoliate my face?

How can I get my feet intimate ready?

What’s the best method for hair removal?

What should I eat to improve my hair and nails?

Indulge today, be a goddess tomorrow!

We’ll also show you how to do a great mani-pedi, how to make your own natural products and much more. Unwrap this course now and give yourself the love you deserve.

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