Starting Your Business

Starting Your Business

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The best elements were how detailed each module was and the freedom to go at my own pace. I am excited to get started on my new business now!

Phoebe Wilson

You’re excited about your business idea. But scared too?

Starting a new business can be a daunting prospect. You’re feeling confident about your training and skills and know you can offer a good service. But what about all the other aspects of running a business? Maybe you have little experience with keeping accounts, marketing and promotion or even knowing how to get started?

Yes, most entrepreneurs will tell you it’s exciting and rewarding to shape your own destiny by setting up a company, but it can also have many challenges. We understand how scary it can feel and, in response to many requests from students, we’ve compiled this course to take the fear and mystery out of starting a business and help you feel prepared and confident to go ahead.

We know you’re wondering how you can attract enough clients, what your official obligations are, how you can raise finance, how to brand yourself to stand out and much more. We answer all these concerns. We’ve divided the course into categories which break down the project of starting your business into clear and definable areas. It’s especially focused on the kind of businesses our students are interested in building.

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  • In Module 1, Preparation, we’ll give you insight into what it really means to be an entrepreneur so you can assess whether you think you have what it takes. We introduce you to market research and show you how to be clear about your strengths and weaknesses. We give you sensible advice on looking for funding and setting up essential support structures.
  • Module 2, Introduction to Marketing, you’ll get a really good understanding of marketing theory so you think like a marketing consultant. You’ll learn what’s important when preparing a marketing strategy to best promote your business. Get tips on pricing and a good insight into using the excellent tools in online technology to market your business.
  • Module 3, Setting up your business, - the boring (but necessary) office stuff! Learn about choosing a business name, intellectual property, registering a business and company structure.
  • Module 4, Running your business, deals with the hands on, practical side of running a business – accounting, taxation, budgets and cash flow. Learn about business bank accounts, insurance and finance. We also give good advice on hiring and dealing with staff to maintain mutually beneficial relationships.
  • Module 5, Business Plan outlines the important components in a business plan and includes links to sources of templates and samples so you can easily compose your own.
  • Module 6, Launching your business. By now, you’ll probably be bursting with ideas on how you can make your business a great success! This module is packed with great advice on preparing for a launch with optimum impact so you hit the ground running. We also groom you on how to make the best use of business networks.

By the end of the course, you’ll be thinking like an entrepreneur - with good insight into what it takes to run a successful business and how to support yourself while doing so. We bring the advice and knowledge to life with real examples of how you can implement ideas. We’ve kept the content easy to understand and absorb and relevant to you.

Stay inspired and focused on the future you have in mind. Use your new knowledge to get you there with assurance and confidence. This is a reliable reference tool to keep with you during your early days as a business owner and beyond. Get started today and give rein to your ambition.

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