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Amanda RamseyAccounting & Bookkeeping, Acne Treatment & Care, All You Need to Know: First Time Mom, Bachelor & Bachelorette Party Planning, Beauty Party Planner, Beauty Technician, Beauty Technician with Business Management & Accounting, Become a Freelance Makeup Artist, Bridal & Special Occasions Makeup, Business Pricing Strategies, Contouring and Highlighting Expert, Cosmetology Professional Course, Creative Cake Pop Decorating, Diet for Beauty & Health, DIY Home Improvement, Event Design & Styling, Event Management with Business & Accounting, Event Planner, Extensions & Hair Styling Expert, Face Painting, Fashion & Lifestyle Blogger, Fashion Store Assistant & Personal Shopper, Feng Shui Interior Design, Furniture Restoration, Gel Manicure & Nail Artist, Holistic Therapy, Home Decor & Refurbishment, Personal Image & Beauty ExpertUnited States

Trendimi helped me to further my passion for Event Planning. They have a wide variety of courses to choose from. The ease of use and the time it took was great. I look forward to taking more classes in the future.

Louise PhillipsGel Manicure & Nail ArtistUnited Kingdom

Well priced and easy to log on to and do. This course has helped me to take my Home Business to the next stage.

Amanda SolisEvent PlannerUnited States

I loved how the course just flowed with information and it was easy learning. I also loved the short videos because I’m a visual person so seeing the actors role play really helped understand the lesson given. My favorite part was how it was self-paced.

Hailey  SaraBridal & Special Occasions Makeup, Contouring and Highlighting Expert, Diet for Beauty & Health, Fashion & Lifestyle Blogger, Makeup Artist, Skin and Body CareAustralia

Trendimi is great for professional or personal development. Maybe you want to upskill your knowledge, earn industry currency or learn a new skill. These courses will inspire new ideas and may build a great foundation for a new career!

Latoya Negair-BryanBeauty Party Planner, Event PlannerUnited States

I enjoyed my experience with Trendimi. The event course was very knowledgeable and answered many questions that I’ve had. The experience was great and I look forward to my next course with them.

Krista GrossInterior Design & Home StylingUnited States

I enjoyed the Interior Design and Home Styling course from Trendimi. The course is fresh and modern in its appearance and relevant in its content. The quizzes helped assure me that I was learning and gaining information. My progress was always displayed at the top of the screen — which helps busy students manage our time. For the money and ease-of-use, this course is definitely worthwhile!

Josie MijaresInterior Design & Home Styling

I took the Interior Design course just to learn more about decorating. The material was well written, and definitely a great course to take if you have an interest in becoming an interior designer. It was very informative. As a full-time Realtor in Miami, it was a complementary course to help my clients see beyond the shell of a home.

Sheik Zeehanat Banu SK BOODHUNBeauty Technician, Become a Freelance Makeup Artist, Skin and Body CareBelgium

It's a course with an easy grammar to understand the most difficult concepts. It goes in-depth in the subject. Videos and photos make it more interesting and it's nothing like other courses online, it's just better!

Sally LeightonBeauty Technician, Fashion Store Assistant & Personal Shopper, Makeup Artist, Personal Image & Beauty ExpertUnited Kingdom

The Beauty Technician course was just AMAZING! The content was easy to understand without overloading you with information, the videos were perfect and showed the demonstration of how to do that particular subject very well.

Jessica VegaInterior Design & Home StylingUnited States

I loved the course and enjoyed learning all the elements to be a successful interior designer. I'm excited to show and apply everything I have learned to myself and future clients.

Mario Martinez GameroInterior Design & Home StylingSpain

I have studied 3D design and I found this course that I loved. I hope this course helps me in a future in a field that I love.

Paulette ConeyInterior Design & Home StylingUnited States

I must say, I am totally impressed with the course of study I took on Interior Design and Home Styling. I enjoyed being able to study after work and enhance my skills. All areas of the business were covered, and thoroughly. I'm proud of myself for putting forth the effort and making it happen for me. Thank You for everything Trendimi!

Beverly SmithExtensions & Hair Styling Expert, Gel Manicure & Nail Artist, Makeup ArtistUnited States

Great course for the price. It was easy to finish in my spare time.

Rebecca McGurkMakeup ArtistSouth Africa

I studied this course to help with my makeup business and to learn some new tips and information. Learnt so much about the different ages of skin, and false lashes.

Arnetta Whatley Event PlannerUnited States

I truly enjoyed taking this course. It enhanced what I already know. It increased my terminology. I will continue using this company to further my knowledge of courses I am interested in. Trust me I'm a real person who is serious about her craft. This company is absolutely a career boost! Thank you Trendimi!!!

Kerry ClaytonFashion Store Assistant & Personal ShopperUnited Kingdom

I loved my course with Trendimi, the information was up-to-date and relevant, and I was able to complete the course around 2 children and a business. Would recommend.

Melissa Viego Acne Treatment & Care

I will be saving my notes filled with the information from this course for a long time!! It will help me communicate better with my clients about their skin concerns. I will use the knowledge I've gained through this course indefinitely.

Frosina HristoskaMakeup ArtistRepublic of Macedonia

I loved it! I recommend it to everyone who has some spare time and a will to learn a lot! There are a lot of tips and tricks that you will find very life-changing, and yet you can't find them anywhere on the Internet. If in doubt, sign up for a course, you won't regret it!

Kelly  ReynoldsExtensions & Hair Styling Expert, Gel Manicure & Nail Artist, Makeup ArtistUnited States

I’ve taken courses online before and they were hard to understand or work with. Your materials are easy to understand and there’s a personal support team if you have a problem. Your program is awesome and fun to work with - thank you

Amelia SandersMakeup ArtistUnited States

I thought it would be fun to build on my basic makeup skills. I thought it was a good beginner course/way to develop or build skills.

Agnes NewsomeFashion Store Assistant & Personal ShopperUnited States

I have completed the Fashion Store Assistant and Personal Shopper course and I LOVED IT! I have had a job interview this week because I stated on my resume that I am certified from Tremdimi!

Kimberly SingletaryInterior Design & Home StylingUnited States

This course gave me a lot of valuable information regarding interior design. Before taking the course, I only had an idea of getting into this field. But now that I have completed it, I am very excited to become an entrepreneur. I like that the course was broken down into modules that focused on specific aspects of this field. This helped me understand different concepts, including a history of the field I was not familiar with. I also liked that throughout the course the main ideas of interior design that were mentioned in the first module were always brought back up into later classes. This was helpful in remembering main concepts.

Amy DaSilvaEvent PlannerUnited States

The course gave me general knowledge that I did not have before. It helped me understand all the requirements and responsibilities of an event manager and what the job truly entails. It helped broaden my understanding of all the different event types and what the manager has to do for all of those varying types. I liked the overall flow, in general. There were supporting video clips to recap some of what I had just read. The exercises after the training and the exams after each module were helpful.

Fada ChaconasInterior Design & Home StylingUnited States

The cost was attractive, and I liked the idea of an online Interior Design course. It gave me tremendous background knowledge and introduced me to the business side of interior design. I liked that the exam was at the end of each Module; I could retain information and be tested immediately after a Module.

Christina StrasburgWedding Planner with Finance & Business ManagementUnited States

I LOVED the Wedding Planner with Business and Finance Course. I feel so GREAT after taking it! It increased my knowledge of what to plan in my wedding and gave me confidence in my current status as a sole proprietor. This course went into detail about subject matter that I am extremely unfamiliar with- mostly in the arena of business and finance. The information was not only useful and quality advice, but I also feel more confident in the pursuit of my own business- which felt like a far off goal until now. I loved the variety of videos, guides, how to info, resources and the advice.

Maryanne MagiriEvent PlannerCanada

I chose Trendimi because it’s an accredited online school, and the course material covered is quite extensive, practical, easy to follow and understand. I loved the fact that I could also flexibly access my course and sit my exams at anytime, anywhere, as it enabled me to juggle school work and my other day to day responsibilities comfortably. Your coursework is wholesome as you cover all possible events and situations in detail giving me a broader understanding and insight on how to plan each individual event and what principles to apply in each. Having completed this course, I can comfortably say that I am now a CONFIDENT Event Planner, and I am more than grateful to the Trendimi Team that made all this possible! I enjoyed every bit of my study!

Sarsha TaylorMake-up ArtistBahamas

I chose Trendimi because of the ease and convenience of completing course at times that were convenient to me. I learned different types of make up for different skin types, occasions, ages, facial features and many helpful tips. I liked having the ability to download the e-book for use while taking the course. The exercises and instructional videos and pictures were also helpful.

Marcia StephensMake-up ArtistUnited States

I was able to gain an understanding of how to be a professional make up artist in the field. The information was on trend and up to date. I enjoyed learning about how to make women of different ages look beautiful with the different styles of make up needed through the ages. I also liked that you provided some information on men’s make up within the bridal section. I enjoyed the convenience of learning online and it was all in all a positive experience.

Colleen JonesAccounting & Bookkeeping, Accounting & BookkeepingUnited States

“The online classes, price, class choices were interesting and modern. I learned more technical terms and the website and app suggestions were very helpful. I enjoyed that it was online, the variety, and that it was easy to learn and understand.”

Ari JohnsonInterior Design & Home StylingUnited States

"I've always been interested in Interior Design but didn't know where or how I should start learning. When I saw your course for Interior Design it looked like the perfect solution! I learned SOO much! I have a good eye for designing but didn't know how to use it. Everything I know about interior design is pretty much from your course! It was so informative! I now feel like I'm equipped to go. I loved how organized and thorough the course was, and it was really nice having everything in various modules according to the topics. I now feel like I’m equipped to go and start my own business after a little practice"

Madeline NiemeyerWedding Planner with Finance & Business ManagementUnited States

The course explained very clearly many details, facts and ideas that had never crossed my mind. I liked the style and layout of the website, and the ability to make my own schedule to complete the course.I really appreciated the tests and practice tests, they really made me pay attention during the study portions and helped me keep track of what information I was and wasn't retaining very well.

Dymesha GlasperEvent PlannerUnited States

I have more awareness about certain things when it comes to event planning and definitely a lot more knowledge. I like the convenient access of information online specific to different types of career interests.

Shagufta NaureenWedding Planner, Interior Design & Home Styling, Event Planner, Gel Manicure & Nail ArtistAustralia

I learned a lot how to take care of skin properly and how natural products can help without spending so much money on expensive beauty market

Amanda MaysWedding PlannerUnited States

I just completed the Wedding Planner course through Trendimi. I would recommend this site to anyone for any course! Not only was the information pertaining to the wedding planning itself very detailed and thorough, it also gave great information in detail about how to run a small business. I've been running a small business for over a year, and while I am already implementing many of the strategies suggested in this course, I found many of the detailed suggestions to be extraordinarily helpful. Thank you for all of the fabulous information. I'll be sure to send others your way.

Aleksandra TrajkovaWedding PlannerRepublic of Macedonia

The wedding organizer course really helped me, and thanks to it now I have the opportunity to prove myself and see if I am able to open my own business in this field.

Jennifer Adriene BurksMake-up ArtistUnited States

I enjoy having the ability to complete coursework at my own pace. The courses have a variety of elements including study modules, exercises and exams. There are many visual examples such as videos, pictures and illustrations. I am very happy with the courses and my family, friends and co-workers all agree that my Makeup Artistry, Personal Image and Personal Shopping skills have improved since completing the courses.

Barbara AtstupenasUnited States

I enjoyed every aspect of the learning experience. I really loved the online class and was very impressed with the way in which everything was presented. I took the class for my own personal use and found a couple of really great ideas. I have a full time business as a holistic massage therapist. Since I have been receiving compliments from both male and female clients, I've offered to show several of my female clients how easy the technique is to do on themselves. Of course I always mention where I learned the how to's. I have taken several online classes and I found this class to be wonderful. I wouldn't change anything. Thank you so much for offering this online class.

Samantha HaymondUnited States

I loved my experiences with Trendimi so much. Being able to complete 2 amazing courses they offer, getting some insight as to what it’s like to be those people, and just getting to learn a lot of great information was a fantastic time. It was nice that I could be educated on things without actually having to go to college and risk not liking that field of work. The staff at Trendimi is for sure, a 10/10. I also loved the videos they had throughout the different modules! Those are perfect for learning and I enjoyed every single one, I could not be more pleased with them. Going through the makeup and hair courses has definitely helped change my beauty routine better and healthier way. Finally, the certificates at the end are such a great addition, they look awesome and are great to put in a frame! Trendimi is so wonderful, and if you’re interested in one of the courses I highly recommend using this site.

Vanessa CastroMake-up ArtistUnited States

I like the make up artist course I found what I learned very useful in my makeup artistry job. Trendimi has every course that I can think of that is hot right now. There are other sites that don't provide the courses that trendimi offers. I believe that what trendimi charges is cheap compared to other courses online that charge thousands and are two to more years long. Trendimi is a great online course school.

Elisabeth EvansInterior Design & Home StylingUnited States

I recently signed up for the Interior Design eLearning content and couldn’t be more pleased! Trendimi offers a very comprehensive and educational bank of information on the subject that exceeded my expectations. I’d highly recommend them for evolving your education on any discipline!

Keiana JonesExtensions & Hair Styling Expert, Gel Manicure & Nail Artist, Makeup ArtistUnited States

You all have been great in helping me resolve this issue with the other classes, thanks again & I will definitely recommend you all to my friends/family that are interested in online classes & will continue to use your site for any other classes I'm interested in in the future!

Juliana Bachelor & Bachelorette Party Planning, Beauty Party Planner, Beauty Technician, Contouring and Highlighting Expert, Event Design & Styling, Event Planner, Feng Shui Interior Design, Interior Design & Home Styling, Kids Party Planner, Makeup Artist, Makeup for the Everyday Woman, Networking Events Organizer, Personal Image & Beauty Expert, Postnatal Diet & Exercise, Revamp Your Closet, Starting Your Business, Wedding PlannerUnited Kingdom

Hi there, Thank you so much for the quick reply and assistance. I am excited to get started with courses and I will definetly tell friends and family about Trendimi!! Sincerly, Juliana

Uma DevidasiBeauty Technician, Holistic Therapy, Makeup ArtistNA

I took the Make Up Artistry course and learned so much. It is very in depth and educational. I would highly recommend this course if you are planning on entering the profession but I would equally recommend it if it is just for personal use.

NajibaMakeup ArtistUnited States

Thank you!!!! I was sad when it expired and gave up but you gave me hope. I will give you an excellent review upon completion and will try my best to finish the course with the time allotted. God bless you guys!

Charmaine DantzlerEvent PlannerUnited States

Met and exceeded my expectations, i would definitely recommend Trendimi, great company and the courses are very informative and easy to follow. Seriously thinking about taking another course.

Latesha CrawfordEvent PlannerUnited States

Things I've never known, I know now! I absolutely love this course!!!

Alexis FrilouxWedding PlannerUnited States

The course was very detailed. It even covered areas that I did not expect it to cover.

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